17-19 September 2020

St. Petersburg Technical Fair and HI-TECH Expo Close Successfully


From March 20 to March 22, St. Petersburg hosted two concurrent events, held at the same venue: the St. Petersburg Technical Fair and the High Technology. Innovations. Investments (HI-TECH) Expo.  These conventions have long since become the traditional meeting platform for the leading Russian and foreign industrial and research enterprises.

The St. Petersburg Technical Fair is a multi-profile event that gives its participants a comprehensive understanding of Russian industry and science's current status and development prospects, as well as creates optimal conditions for building partnerships between various entities.

The Fair's exhibition programme is based on the market demands, presenting an up-to-date review of the industry's key sectors. It has covered the following topics: Metalworking. Mechanical Engineering; Metallurgy. Casting; Fasteners. Metal Hardware. Tools; Plastics. Polymers. Industrial Rubber Products; Handling and Lifting Equipment; and Automation of Industrial Enterprises.

One of the Fair's distinguishing features is the overlap with Russia's first high-tech expo, High Technology. Innovations. Investments. This ensures efficient cooperation between research organisations, potential investors, and industrialists; boosts the development of knowledge-intensive production in Russia; and sheds light on competitive scientific insights. This tandem has lasted for many years, proving its efficiency and productivity. All participants of the St. Petersburg Technical Fair and the HI-TECH expo have had an opportunity to take part in the Best Scientific and Technical Development of the Year Contest, which has been part of the Fair's programme since 1998.

Another traditional event that coincides with the Fair and the HI-TECH Expo is the 12th St. Petersburg Partneriat for SMEs, 'St. Petersburg, Russian Regions, and Foreign Countries'. Held annually, it is one of St. Petersburg's chief conventions dedicated to economic collaboration and inter-regional networking.

This year, the events under the auspices of the St. Petersburg Technical Fair, the HI-TECH Expo, and the Partneriat have been attended by representatives of 347 companies from 20 Russian regions and 12 foreign countries, including Germany, the Czech Republic, Turkey, India, Belarus, China, Latvia, Italy, Estonia, Finland, and Ukraine. As per tradition, the St. Petersburg Technical Fair and the HI-TECH Expo have turned into judging panels, where industry experts evaluate a broad range of recent inventions and breakthroughs, from insights in medicine and biotechnology to advances in space exploration and receiving feedback from investors and customers. (For more information on the exhibits demonstrated at the events, see the upcoming digest, which will be published at ptfair.ru)

Throughout the Fair's and Expo's entire three-day duration, the events have been attended by over 6500 experts from 8 federal districts and 46 regions all across Russia. The guests of the St. Petersburg Technical Fair and the HI-TECH Expo are always professionals from the target industries. When it comes to their job types, the 2018 events have been predominantly visited by: top managers, mid-tier managers, chief experts, and managers responsible for buying and supplying equipment, products, and raw materials, as well as for introducing new production technologies. The sectoral representation of enterprises has been as follows: machine engineering, metallurgy, the power and fuel complex, shipbuilding, aviation and space exploration, the automotive industry, the utility sector, military enterprises, agriculture, construction, the chemical industry, food processing, the medical industry, and more. 

The official opening ceremony of the St. Petersburg Technical Fair and the High Technology. Innovations. Investments (HI-TECH) Expo took place on March 21. The ceremony was attended by, among others: Georgy Sergeevich Poltavchenko, Governor of St. Petersburg; Grigory Sergeevich Rapota, State Secretary of the Union State of Russia and Belarus; Olivera Majić, deputy mayor of the City of Zagreb; Viktor Mikhailovich Ikonnikov, Deputy Governor of the Arkhangelsk Region for Strategic Planning and Investment Policy; and Shakir Mulashevich Zulimov, Vice Mayor of the City of Osh.

Georgy Poltavchenko expressed his hopes that all of the events' participants and guests would have 'meetings, contacts, and perhaps contracts' that would prove both interesting, productive, and 'most importantly, useful for the business'.

The St. Petersburg Technical Fair is a versatile event that encompasses industry-themed exhibits, the business programme (joined with the 12th St. Petersburg Partneriat), and a number of professional and research contests.

The key event of the Fair's business programme for this year has been a conference titled 'Technological Overhaul of Enterprises: Challenges of a New Age', organised in collaboration with the Russian Engineering Union and the Foundry Workers' Association of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast. Presentations at the conference have been made by over 15 speakers, including: S.V. Nevzorov, member of the regional council at the St. Petersburg branch of the Russian Union of Engineering Workers; N.A. Panichev, Honorary Chairman of the Board at Stankoinstrument (Russian Machine Tool Manufacturing Association); A.I. Borovkov, Vice-Rector for Innovative Projects at the Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University; and others. The experts have discussed a number of topics, such as: the need for a major technical overhaul and means of achieving it; the current status and development prospects of Russian machine tool building and casting; the promising aspects of developing rough piece production (casting and smithing) and machine tool building in Russia; and many other issues.

Overall, the St. Petersburg Technical Fair, the HI-TECH Expo and the Partneriat have included more than 17 business events and conventions, which have brought together experts representing the real economy sector and interested in resolving the industry's key challenges. The business sessions have been attended by over 1500 experts.

Representatives of the authorities and the business and academic communities have talked about matters pertaining to production upgrades and conversion, expansion into global markets, and other urgent matters.

The comprehensive business agenda of the event triad has also featured the final stages of two contests, Foresight Auto and  Best Scientific and Technical Development of the Year. 

The final stage of Foresight Auto, the 2nd all-Russian contest for young experts of the automotive industry, took place on March 21, during the St. Petersburg Technical Fair. The contest participants represented several Russian cities:Astrakhan, Tyumen, Cherepovets, Voronezh, Veliky Novgorod, Moscow, and St. Petersburg. Only 9 contest submissions made it to the finals: 5 in the Foresight Idea nomination and 4 in the Foresight Project nomination. 

The winners of the Best Innovation Project and the Best Scientific and Technical Development of the Year Contest, in turn, were announced on March 22 . This year, the contest has focused on innovations for the following industries: aviation and space exploration, casting, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, radio electronics, shipbuilding, chemistry and new materials, and power engineering and energy efficiency. The Grand Prix went to the Medical Materials and Shape Memory Implants project, developed by the National Research Tomsk State University and the A-SME International Shape Memory Implant Academy.

During the award ceremony, the winners received 5 special expert recognition prizes, 23 gold medals, and 53 silver medals. 

The Matchmaking Centre, an online service which allows the user to find potential partners and coordinate business negotiations according to a customized schedule, has turned into a traditional form of interactive work during the exhibition days. Over the 3 days of exhibition activities, the specially equipped Matchmaking Centre area hosted over 1200 meetings.

The organizing committee would like to thank all our colleagues and partners for their cooperation and looks forward to meeting them all again at the St. Petersburg Technical Fair and the HI-EXPO in 2019!

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Tel.: +7 (812) 320-80-97, e-mail: ptf-pr@restec.ru 
Event websites: ptfair.ru, hitech-expo.ru 

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