17-19 September 2020

St. Petersburg Technical Fair proved to be the leading industry event in the North-West of Russia


Confirming the status of one of the main industry events in Russia, this time PTFair turned out to be grand and even more international than before. Over 500 leading industrial and innovative companies representing Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, UK, Netherlands, USA, China, South Korea, Turkey, Taiwan, India, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia, exhibited in 3 halls of the largest exhibition venue in St. Petersburg and welcomed more than 8,000 trade visitors. With constant success PTFair was audited in 2011 and approved by the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs as a high quality event again. Visitors geography covered such countries as Ukraine, Belarus, Netherlands, Finland, France, Estonia, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Lithuania, India, US, Sweden and Russia

St. Petersburg Technical Fair features expositions that were open during 3 working days composed according to the key topics. On the floor of PTFair trade visitors could see the latest equipment as well as advanced metallurgy and casting technologies: Kompleksnye Modifikatory (St. Petersburg) presented a new line of deoxidizing agents containing rare earth elements, barium and strontium, Metallurgy of Special Steels (Moscow) demonstrated graphitized electrodes for steel-making furnaces, Termolit (Ukraine) exhibited a high-frequency transistor generator devoted to surface heating for articles quenching, OKB Spektr (St. Petersburg) presented a new model of spectrometer for quantitative research of metal and alloy chemistry, Armalit-1 (St. Petersburg) demonstrated samples of casting dies, rubber-metal shock absorbers, articles with mechanical treatment.

Metallurgy and Casting joined large industry enterprises, such as Borovichi refractories plant from Norgorod region, Krasny Vyborzhets (Red Vyborger) located in St. Petersburg, Mashsteel foundry-mechanical plant from Penza, Minsk Bearing plant in Belarus, Elektrostal metallurgical plant, Moscow region that were accompanied by the collective stands of the biggest unions of foundry productions in Scandinavia and Czech Republic and first-time exhibitors from Taiwan.

Samples of new programmed tool machines and other know-how for metalworking were installed at the stands of the Metalworking section – Izmeritelnyie Tekhnologii (Measuring technologies, Moscow region), Tochmeh (St. Petersburg), Hi-Tech Instrument Group (St. Petersburg), Alfleth Engineering AG (St. Petersburg) and others.

The Mechanical Engineering united such producing companies as Bavaria , Czech Republic, Bauer Compressors (Moscow), Krasnokamsky RMZ (Perm region), Tegas exhibited light-emitting-diode lamps, Chetra spare parts and components – diesel engines, Leotec Group – ball mills for materials ultra fine grinding.

But the most innovative section of PTFair, in fact, was the 17th international congress and exhibition High-Technologies. Innovations. Investments (Hi-Tech) with the participation of the Russian and foreign research organisations, state research centers, scientific research institutes and enterprises, as well as higher education organizations. Among them were SIRIUS concern OJSC (Moscow), Krasnogorsky Zavod S.F.ZVEREV JSC (Moscow region), TELEVISION RESEARCH INSTITUTE (St. Petersburg), Research and Development Center for surface and vacuum research, PROMETEY Central Research Institute of structural materials (St. Petersburg), Center of shipbuilding and ship repair technology OJSC. The collective stands from Khabarovsk region, Karelia Republic, Siberian and other branches of the Russian Academy of Sciences demonstrated innovative potential of the Russian regions. Trade specialists could see over 300 exponents of innovative products, technologies and projects at the exhibition. Council of Oulu Region and 6 innovative producers from Finland’s regional centre with nanotech developments for the industry – PKC Electronics, Spinverse, Nanotech Finland, Inventex, and some business councils. Two Czech companies providing technological transfer and engineering services were present on top of it.

Republic of Belarus took active part in PTFair 2011, the collective exposition of the Ministry of Industry demonstrated over 25 tool machine building, mechanical engineering and metallurgical enterprises, and the Hi-Tech trade show united over 20 R&D centers under the Ministry of Education of Belarus Republic.

Traditionally, PTFair features the only in Russian exhibition for sheet metal working BLECH Russia 2011 that was participated by over 120 Russian and foreign manufactures and suppliers of metalworking equipment for plasma/gas/laser cutting, bending, forming, welding, finishing and fastening of sheet metal.

The enhanced business program – 5th St. Petersburg Partneriat, Russia-Finland Industry Forum and Industrial Congress with the plenary session moderated by Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg. Although, all the business program events are basically relevant to St. Petersburg Industrial Congress which central theme was dedicated to the Russian economy modernization. The cross-cutting topic of the session – Partnership as a key tool of modernization and technological upgrade, revealed the core problems. Mikhail Oseevskiy, Vice Governor of St. Petersburg, Head of St. Petersburg Governor’s Administration: "Any modernization process starts from the top, it can be compared to the withdrawal process, and without any support from beneath it is impossible to implement conceptually. The modernization declared by Dmitriy Medvedev, President of the Russian Federation, shall overwhelm all spheres. Foremost, industrial sector for it is impossible to develop the modernization process without technological re-equipment and improvement. This exposition reflects all the modern scientific and technical developments of the industry, and our aim therefore is to introduce them to the Russian market as fast as possible".

March 17th, the closing day of PTFair, saw the summary of the professional contest. 78 companies from Russia and Belarus took part in the contest for the Best Innovative Project and Best Scientific and Technical Development of the Year. 217 projects and developments were nominated in 17 categories. The Grand Prix was granted to the Centre of Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Technology for the rotating and local forming technology and machine tools for thick-gage plates and large machine parts bending at individual and limited productions. Special prizes in various nominations went to Izhora plants, Institute of Chemistry of High-Purity Substances of the Russian Academy of Sciences, National Research Tomsk Polytechnical University, Technological Institute for Superhard and Novel Carbon Materials, Federal State Institution, Plekhanov’s St. Petersburg State Mining Institute. All in all, 55 diplomas, 88 silver, 68 golden medals, 5 special prizes and 1 grand prix were presented to the winners.

PTFair improves the solid character of the Russian science, industry and business. This time is also allowed participants to demonstrate domestic and foreign achievements in scientific and industrial spheres at the new high international level. Next time the Fair is going to be held on 13-15 March 2012.

Andrey Dementiev, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation to exhibitors, participants, organisers and guests of St. Petersburg Technical Fair 2011: "...industry traditionally plays the defining role in the Russian economy development, adoption of advanced technologies and the latest scientific developments in production. St. Petersburg Technical Fair that contributes to interests of engineers and suppliers of high technology products and representatives of industrial business is extremely essential for the modern Russia".

Valentina Matvienko, Governor of St. Petersburg, welcome address for the year 2011: "... St. Petersburg Technical Fair takes a special place among other annual forums held in the city on the Neva River. This event is held with the support of the Office of the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the North-Western Federal District, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and St. Petersburg Government".

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