17-19 September 2020

Russia’s export potential as a driving force for the event industry


The first day of the 4th edition of Europe + Asia Event Forum opened with an extended session of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation dedicated to exhibition and fair business andsupport of manufacturers and exporters.This key event of the Forum attracted wide interest among Russian experts and specialists from the former Soviet states and other foreign countries.
The participants of the meeting included Sergey Bednov, Head of the Department, General Director, Expocentre ZAO; Aleksey Yakovlev, Head of the Foreign Trade Activity Development and Public Relations Department at the St. Petersburg Industrial Policy and Innovations Committee; Sergey Alekseev, RUEF President and Expocentre ZAO Vice President;LudmilaKarelina, Director of the Business and Professional Education Centre, Northwest Bank Association;SergueiTrofimov, President of RESTEC® Group and other congress and exhibition companies.

At the session speakers and guests of the Forum discussed trade, investment, industrial and foreign economic policies aimed to support domestic manufacturers in Russiaand their implementation by means of exhibition and congress activities.Additionally, the participants discussed how to coordinate activities of exhibition companiesfrom the BRICS and SCO countries in terms of changing global geopolitical and economic situation. The session also encompassed the most relevant challenges to be addressed under existing conditions.

In his speech Sergey Bednov particularly stressed the importance of development of international cooperationwithin the industry and engagement of regional companies at exhibitions to promote their goods and services in the market. “First of all, we are speaking of high-tech industries,” he highlighted. “There also could be collective regional expositions, in order to reduce participation costs of individual enterprises and companies. In any case, our goal is to demonstrate and unlock the export potential of domestic products, while implementing the national import substitution policy.”

Speaking in the same sense, Aleksey Yakovlev highlighted that St. Petersburg was not planning to slow down development of the industry and would continue to support the industry in general, fostering both interregional and international cooperation.

In general, the participants of the meeting have set the tone for further discussions during the sessions and round tables planned for the three days of the Europe + Asia Event Forum.

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