18 - 20 MARCH 2020

Finnish exporters headline the PTFair 2014, news release


The Finland`s exposure within St Petersburg Technical Fair is getting bigger and bigger, to take up by the year 2014 a double island with total net space of 200 sqm and 25 exporting companies, in the very front of main hall.

Among the first-time exhibitors are the Finnish producers ALIKO Oy Ltd, whose main activities are design and manufacture of equipment for metal processing, tools, installation, maintenance and modernisation of machines, Javasko Oy that has been operating successfully in heavy/medium heavy technology industries as a subcontracting engineering workshop for 28 years, and Lehtosen Konepaja Ltd, a Finnish mechanical engineering company from 1923, specialised in the heavy metal industry.

For 40 years already ALIKO produces hydraulic press brakes with CNC with a working length of 3-14 meters with a force of up to 10,000 tons, tandem, technology (one weld) of the manufacture of large diameter pipes up to 14 meters; guillotine shears with CNC and water jet cutting machines. Javasko Oy manufactures products ranging from individual components to complete devices. The clients are international market leaders in the technology industry; our mission is to serve its customers so that they can focus on their core competencies. Lehtosen Konepaja Ltd is a systems provider and manufacture customers’ semi-finished products into finished products and machines. Lehtosen Konepaja’s engineering workshop produces machine bodies as a component manufacturer, project management process includes monitoring of the production work, supervision of the schedule and budget, and (if necessary) reporting by phase to the customer.

Close connections with the northwestern innovative neighbor always enriches the program of business events during St Petersburg Technical Fair. Supported by Arvelin International Oy, a Finnish group organiser that collects, designs and constructs one of the joint national stands, this year PTFair introducers to the Russian market and its trade visitors such companies as:

  • Alufer founded 1986 specialises in sheet metal products with the turnover of 1.6M€ and AAA-credit Rating as well as customers of mainly leading machinery companies in export markets;
  • Brione, a contract manufacturer specialising in the manufacture of industrial sheet metal parts and lightweight metal structures, serves from the design and product development stages right the way through to sub-assemblies and finished products. Founded in 1999, Brione is located in Porvoo close to good transportation connections. Cost-effective production series of any size, delivery and quality are guaranteed;
  • Fastems Oy Ab offers press tools and progressive dies for sheet metal production, an special and flexible automation for sheet metal and machine processing, assembly and welding works;
  • Helapala Oy since 1974 produces high precision machining services with 5-axes turning centers and machining centers: high quality products, very competitive prices and security of supply, miscelleneous materials, e.g. stainless steel. regular steel, brass, aluminum, plastics etc.;
  • Joensuu Science Park Ltd supports the creation, growth and internationalsation providing innovation and operating environment that activates growth, business development services, co-operation in programs and projects and key contacts and network connections;
  • Joros Ltd is specialised in CNC tube bending, tube end forming, and welding with outside dimensions of Ø8-100mm + plate laser cutting and bending and metal products of all grades + product coating we have an efficient electrolytic polishing systems of stainless steel;
  • Leinovalu Oy – steel and iron castings from designing to machining;
  • Mertala Innovations Oy is a modern engineering company providing contract based engineering services and turnkey deliveries, mechatronic machines in composite industry (filament winding machines, grinding and peeling machines for GRP etc.), it also provides mechanical engineering services for other industry areas;
  • Miktech, an innovation and technology center in Eastern Finland`s Mikkeli, provides various business development services for technology companies and coordinates diverse projects in technology and wood product industry, digitalisation, bioenergy, environmental safety, support of the start-up companies and internationalisation activities;
  • Nomet Oy, a subcontractor for machined and surface-treated metal components, special bolts and sub-assemblies, has in own production versatile milling, drilling, turning, thread rolling, grinding and measuring CNC-machinery for demanding operations and supplier network to take care of needed rolled blanks, forgings, castings or welded construction;
  • Okun Koneistuspalvelu Oy manufactures precision mechanical parts and sub-assemblies including power transmission and engine parts, sliding bearings, axles and nozzles;
  • Rautaseiska Oy is a mechanical engineering company that specialises in design and manufacturing of demanding special machinery and subcontracting in machine fabrication, winding-, grinding- and cutting machines for glass- and carbon fiber industry and subcontracting; machining and welding of high alloyed steel materials;
  • Tasowheel Gears specialises in the development, design and production of transmission solutions for manufacturing of spur gears, helical gears, shafts and worm gears, as well as special gearboxes according to customers’ drawings. 

The participation of Finnish exporters in the St Petersburg Technical Fair 2014 is also part of a project funded by the European Union. Under the flagship of Turku Oy the following representatives head to complete the Suomi display with their innovative exhibits and tailor-made offers:

  • Kotka-Hamina Regional Development Company, Cursor Oy strengthens the expertise, competitiveness and attraction of the region by developing profitable business operations. Cursor takes an active role in the future development of the region and develops new business opportunities through regional and international development projects;
  • Etteplan is an engineering services and technical product information solutions provider to the in the manufacturing industry. Etteplan is one of the leading engineering service companies in the Nordic countries and the biggest and oldest Nordic service provider in China;
  • Konepaja Laaksonen Oy, a manufacturer of custom steel structures, machines, machine parts and constructions, specialises on turnkey deliveries to shipyards, process industry, energy enterprises and construction companies;
  • Laserkeskus Oy is a specialised metal industry company for the pre-treatment and pre-cutting of metal components for manufacturers located in Laitila, Finland. It is a cost effective alternative if you outsource your production pre-treatment services and concentrate on developing your core business in laser cutting, thermo cutting, bending, drilling, machining and welding;
  • Machine Technology Center Turku Ltd. is a modern learning, training and development center for companies, educational institutes and researchers. Its facilities and services form a framework which supports and fosters cooperation between educational institutes, researcher organisations and companies, especially in maritime and metal industries;
  • Mesekon Oy is an internationally operating contract manufacturer for medium heavy and heavy steel constructions of carbon, high-strength and stainless steel. Typical stages are metal and welding work, heat treatment, machining and surface treatment, welding procedures are in accordance to EN-, ASME- and NORSOK-standards;
  • Stancon Oy founded in 1994 and headquartered in Jyväskylä is specialised in producing and maintaining TUOKA truck- and trailer-mounted sewage cleaning, vacuum, high pressure and other related special equipment and in manufacturing Icecat ice resurfacing machines and other related products and accessories with servicing in engineering, sheer metal processing, welding and assembling;
  • Turun Asennus Team supply equipment for paper, pulp, mining and process industries. It manufactures chemical handling and dosing systems – polymer dissolving unit, suitable for example to retention aid dissolving and dosing, starch cookers, glue units, and variety of pump units;
  • Virtor Oy is a service chain from design right up to installation thanks to experience and skills we are able to complete projects cost-efficiently and to a high level of quality.

Please welcome to greet the exhibitors from Finland on the right side from entrance to #ptfair2014!

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