18 - 20 MARCH 2020

Minpromtorg gives official support to St Petersburg Technical Fair 2014


The Organising Committee of St Petersburg Technical Fair received an official letter on behalf of Victor Semenov, Director of the Department of Metallurgy and Heavy Mechanical Engineering, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

On behalf of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Mr. Semenov addressed exhibitors, guests and organisers of the anniversary event and expressed his confidence that the Fair ‘will offer an opportunity to its regular and new participants to declare themselves properly, make a favorable presentation of their achievements and discuss cross-cutting issues’.

Victor Semenov stressed that the Fair ‘is one of the key exhibition and congress events in mechanical engineering, metallurgy, metalworking and industrial innovations’. ‘The Fair gives a chance to demonstrate the entire range of the latest achievements, advanced solutions and innovations in field of engineering within the Russian industry’. According to the words of Mr. Semenov, events of such scale ‘foster direct contacts between enterprises from different countries, boost the turnover and develop economic capacity of these countries’. Full text of address available here

The Organising Committee of St Petersburg Technical Fair joins the words of Mr. Semenov and invites Russian industrial enterprises and international business to take part in the upcoming event on 12-14 March 2014.

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