18 - 20 MARCH 2020

Press Release 2009

St. Petersburg Technical Fair, the leading industrial event of the North-West of Russia, will open its doors on 10-13 March, 2009.

The exposition features metallurgy, metalworking, engineering, automotive industry, industrial enterprises' infrastructure, industrial innovations industries, alongside the special business program including Matchmaking Center, The Best Innovation Project and the Best Hi-Tech Technology of the Year Contest, Career Fair, Young Expert Day, Hi-Tech Exhibition and Congress, Industrial and Innovation Forum and Partneriat: St.Petersburg - Russian Regions.

The St. Petersburg Technical Fair exposition area in 2009 amounts to over 13 000 square meters where over 400 enterprises from Russia and other countries will demonstrate its products, services and technologies.

St. Petersburg Technical Fair is a multi-field event that annually gathers professionals of the engineering and metallurgic branch from Russia, CIS, Europe and Asia in St. Petersburg. The format of the event formed for today is unique as it showcases the full range of production from raw materials to finished metallurgy and machinery products from the worldwide manufacturers and suppliers.

National expositions from Germany, India, Czech Republic will be presented within the framework of exhibition in 2009. Companies from Czech Republic, Slovakia and Finland are considered to be regular partners and participants of the exhibition, unlike those from Turkey who have just decided to take part in a collective exposition. Indian companies plan to present a larger exposition than the one they have made in 2008, and occupy an individual pavilion to exhibit the industrial products of Indian Republic is already the Fairs` tradition.

Promoting industrial innovations is considered to be one of the main features of St. Petersburg Technical Fair. Innovations are not only advanced research developments, innovations shall be implied in mass production. In the same time, every enterprise shall meet a strategic goal to update its facilities and product lines constantly. That is why science and industry are able and shall forth function as a sole mechanism. The Congress and Exhibition: High Technologies. Innovations. Investments. is devoted to the issue of adopting innovations in industries. The aim of the Congress and Exhibition is to contribute to development of knowledge-intensive production, generate innovation activity and introduce perspective developments to production. The Congress and Exhibition 2009 will be coincided with centennial anniversary of the first Russian exhibition of advanced inventions.

To define the most perspective innovation and investment projects and developments for the real sector of economy, St. Petersburg Technical Fair offers its participatns The Best Innovation Project and the Best Hi-tech Technology of the Year Contest.

The first ever BLECH Russia is going to be held jointly with the Fair; it is the first and only exhibition in Russia devoted to equipment and technologies for sheet metalworking. Sheet metal production and treatment has a huge impact for automotive, shipbuilding and aerospace industries as well as for building and engineering sectors. There is no doubt that the BLECH Russia'09 will become an important event for all the enterprises engaged in sheet metal producing and working as a meeting point of international and Russian professionals.

Another event to be held within St. Petersburg Technical Fair is AVTOPROM / ICTA. The Exhibition features automotive components production from fit stock, equipment, technologies and engineering innovations to finished goods for automobile and tractor producers. Special interest to the event is caused by rapid development of automotive industry in St. Petersburg: over the recent years 6 biggest world-known producers have established their manufactures there.

The most important integral part of St. Petersburg Technical Fair is the Industrial and Innovation Forum with its motto: Institutions, Investments, Infrastructure, Innovations, Intelligence as the basis of competitive ability of Russia. This motto reflects the tasks and objectives faced by Russian economy and industry in the best possible way. The entire complex of the Forum is devoted to the centennial anniversary of the first Russian exhibition of advanced inventions, twenty years' anniversary of innovative activities in Russia and fifteen years' anniversary of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (FASIE). A basis conference: Century of Russian Technology and Industrial Development, St. Petersburg Industrial Congress and Industrial and Innovation Congress will be held within the Forum. The most burning issues such as raising power consumption effectiveness, efficient enterprise management in the context of a financial crisis, personnel training for industrial and innovation enterprises, perspectives of adopting nanotechnologies in industry will be discussed at the Forum.

Issues on interregional cooperation and partnership development will be discussed within the framework of Business Contact Exchange and Partneriat: St. Petersburg – Russian Regions. Lines of cooperation. Recently, the problem of personnel shortage has become especially urgent. This problem shall be partially solved by Career Fair. Its visitors will be offered job openings by manufacturing companies and recruitment agencies, enterprises will be offered a unique opportunity to make a direct agreement with technical educational establishments on target staff trainings.

Next year the St. Petersburg Technical Fair will celebrates its 5th anniversary, meanwhile the projects has gained reputation of the most rapidly growing industrial project in the North-West of Russia with the unique opportunities for global industry development.