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NEWS ARCHIVE: PTFair 2008–2009


Back to the past: 100 Anniversary of the First Exhibition of Innovations in Russia
The organizing committee of High Technologies. Innovations. Investments (Hi-Tech) exhibition and congress will hold an unusual historical retrospective excursion into 1909. This year High-Technologies. Innovations. Investments exhibition is devoted to the 100th Anniversary of the First Exhibition of Innovations in Russia.
The data as of 1909 includes the following participants:

  • Admiralteyskiye Izhorskie Zavodi (today – OMZ "Izhorskie Zavodi"),
  • Y. M. Ayvaza Plant (today – Svetlana JSC),
  • Mechanics, Optics and Horology Department at the Prince Nicholas Vocational School (today – Saint Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics)
  • A. N. Shaposhnikov Factory (today – ZAO Nevo-Tabacco).

These enterprises as it was a hundred years ago are the leaders of their industries.
To reflect the loyalty to traditions, the organising committee holds a retrospective excursion – TIME RELAY 1909 - 2009, where the participants will demonstrate their exhibits of 1909 as well as state-of-the-art science achievements. We invite everybody wishing to visit the retro booth on March 10-13 in Pavilion 8, Lenexpo Fairgrounds.


Young Expert Day at St. Petersburg Technical Fair
March 12, 2009 will be devoted to Young Expert Day. This day students of metallurgical, engineering and instrumental design departments of St. Petersburg educational institutions could visit St. Petersburg Technical Fair (free entrance with a student ID card or by the list of students from educational institutions) where participating companies' representatives will demonstrate advanced product patterns, machines and equipment in process and answer all the questions asked by students.

Young Expert Day is aimed to promote engineering professions, to demonstrate present-day production process to the graduates of St. Petersburg Technical Institutions, to meet potential employers, to broaden graduates' professional knowledge and expertise. Traditionally Young Expert day is a popular event among students and graduates of institutions of higher education and technical institutions.


Certificate to certify that St. Petersburg Technical Fair was awarded the Logo of the Russian Union of Exhibions and Fairs
St. Petersburg Technical Fair received this Certificate to certify that it was awarded the Logo of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs for a high level professional qualification of its arrangement and organization, particular significance for the region economy as well as promotion of foreign economic relations.


I.I.Klebanov, A.A.Fursenko, V.I.Matvienko will take part in St. Petersburg Technical Fair 2009
XV International Exhibition and Congress "High technologies. Innovations. Investments" (HI-TECH) will be held within the framework of St. Petersburg Technical Fair. The anniversary event is devoted to the 100-th anniversary of the First Russian exhibition of newest inventions, the 20-th anniversary of innovative activity in Russia, to the 15-th anniversary of the Fund of Assistance to the Development of Small Forms of Enterprises in the Scientific-and-Technical Sphere. Importance of the event is signified by the interest of the Russian government. I.I. Klebanov, Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the North-Western, A.A.Fursenko, Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, V.I.Matvienko, Governor of St. Petersburg, have agreeed to act as co-chairmen of the Organizing Committee.


Nanotechnologies and nanomaterials at St. Petersburg Technical Fair
Today, nanotechnologies are key direction of the modern industry and science development. There are no doubts that nanoindustry will in the neaerst future become one of the most perspective branches in the world. Therefore, a specialized section "Nanotechnologies" became a part of the Exhibition and Congress "High technologies. Innovations. Investments" (HI-TECH). This section will showcase revolutionary materials with unique consumer properties of universal character, which can find application virtually in any branch of economy. Leading Russian and foreign scientific organizations, state scientific centres, scientific research institutes, industrial enterprises, small innovative business organizations and high schools are among the participants of the exposition.

On March 11, 2009, II Annual conference "Nanotechnologies and nanomaterials" will be held within the framework of the Industrial and Innovation Forum of St. Petersburg Technical Fair, in 2009. The conference will be devoted to commercialization and practical application of nanotechnologies in metallurgy, mechanical engineering, metal treatment and industrial construction.

The conference and exhibition are important steps towards encouraging further development of domestic science absorbing industry, stimulating innovative activity and moving from perspective developments to manufacturing.


Business Contact Exchange on the issues of industrial cooperation will work within the framework of St.Petersburg Technical Fair
Business Contact Exchange on the issues of industrial cooperation will be opened to upgrade the level of individual business service provided for the participants of St. Petersburg Technical Fair. 
Provisional registration of participants willing to work within Business Contact Exchange has been started on December 1st. 
Quick and easy on-line registration in the web cite of Business Contact Exchange will be available on January 19th, 2009.


Presentation of the Metallurgy and Casting exhibitions in Moscow
In the middle of November the representatives of RESTEC Exhibition Company took an active part in the 14th International Industrial Exhibition Metall-Expo (November 11-14, 2008 Moscow). 

During the exhibition, there were held negotiations with Russian and foreign metallurgy producers to offer them to participate in the exhibitions Metallurgy and Casting which are annually held within the framework of the St. Petersburg Technical Fair. One should note the fact that the Metal-Expo participants as well as visitors were much interested by the exhibitions’ profile.


Successful Presentation of the St. Petersburg Technical Fair Exhibitions at the International Specialised Exhibition INTERDRIVE in Moscow
The representatives of RESTEC™ Exhibition Company took an active part in the 7th International Specialised Exhibition INTERDRIVE which was held on November 11-14 in All-Russian Exhibition Centre, Hall №55 in Moscow. The exhibition featured pneumohydraulic and pneumatic drivers, pneumatic equipment and tools, hydraulic drivers, servo drivers, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors and power boosters, hydraulic filtration systems and components, hydraulic units and machines, electric drives, electric motors, engines, valves, pipes and joining elements, bearings. 

Participants and visitors of the Event interested actively the RESTEC™ Exhibition Company’s booth presenting detailed information on St. Petersburg Technical Fair, BLECH Russia, a major sheet metalworking exhibition, Engineering direction and its parts, such as PRIVEX (Drives and elements thereof), Compressors. Pumps. Valves and PLASTEC (manufacture and processing of plastics and rubbers). 

Members of the Organising Committee of St. Petersburg Technical Fair hold negotiations with the participants of the INTERDRIVE Exhibition, so that the companies have already consented to participate in the events of the Fair.


Presentation of St. Petersburg Technical Fair at INTERDRIVE – the International Specialised Exhibition of Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Drivers and its Components
St. Petersburg Technical Fair booth will be open on November 11-14 in All-Russian Exhibition Centre, Pavilion №55 in Moscow. All the wishing could get there detailed information on the exhibitions, such as PRIVEX (Drives and elements thereof), Bearings, Compressors.Pumps.Valves composing the Engineering direction and a specialized BLECH Russia Sheet Metal exhibition, as well as participating terms and exhibition floor plans. 

Welcome to the booth of St. Petersburg Technical Fair!


BLECH Russia 2009 Presentation in Hannover
BLECH Russia 2009 presentation was held at the Euro BLECH exhibition on October 21–25. The project is devoted to sheet metalworking and will be held for the first time in St. Petersburg jointly with St. Petersburg Technical Fair. Euro BLECH is the largest exhibition in Europe gathering over 1 200 exponents and 75 000 visitors from around the world. The project BLECH Russia 2009 generated participants and visitors’ keen interest, representatives of various companies expressed their intention to participate in the project BLECH Russia 2009 next year and have already filed their applications.


St. Petersburg Technical Fair Presenting in Germany
On September 9-13, a regular International Metalworking Exhibition AMB was held in the city of Stuttgart, Germany. Within its framework, the St. Petersburg Technical Fair-2009 was presented. The exhibition hosted 1100 participants from 24 countries all over the world, who introduced the latest developments in the metalworking industry. The number of visitors amounted to 60,000 over the five days of the event.
Participants expressed a particular interest in the detailed information on such St. Petersburg Technical Fair sections as Metalworking, Mechanical Engineering, Avtoprom/ICTA, which was displayed at the RESTEC™ Exhibition Company stand.
RESTEC™ Exhibition Company managers have also held negotiations with both other participants and representatives from foreign industry associations, the latter expressing extreme interest in the prospects of cooperating with the St. Petersburg Technical Fair.


St. Petersburg Technical Fair in the Czech Republic
On September 15-19, the 50th anniversary MSV-2008 Mechanical Engineering Exhibition took place in the city of Brno (the Czech Republic). 2000 companies from world’s 29 countries participated in it. Over the five days of operating the exhibition was visited by more than 100,000 experts. In the framework of MSV-2008, RESTEC™ Exhibition Company presented St. Petersburg Technical Fair-2009 information stand. Such sections as Mechanical Engineering, Metalworking, Avtoprom/ICTA and the business programme in Saint-Petersburg became a matter of particular interest. During the negotiations with representatives of the leading industry associations and European and Asian largest media holdings suggestions of further fruitful cooperating with the RESTEC™ Exhibition Company in the St. Petersburg Technical Fair project were voiced out.


Presentation of the Avtoprom/ICTA Exhibition Conference in Moscow
On August 27-31, representatives of RESTEC™ Exhibition Group participated in the 4th International Automobile Exhibition "INTERAUTO", Moscow, where car components, accessories, automotive chemicals and cleaning products as well as equipment for car manufacture and maintenance were displayed. 
The INTERAUTO exhibition is held within the framework of the largest exhibition event for Russian car enthusiasts and professionals in 2008, the Moscow International Automobile Salon (MosIAS). 
The participants and visitors of the event took a considerable interest in the exhibit stand of RESTEC™ Exhibition Company, where the most detailed information about the Avtoprom/ICTA exhibition, as well as on such sections of the St. Petersburg Technical Fair as "Engineering", "Metallurgy", "Metalworking" and the exhibitions "BLECH-Russia" and "High Technologies. Innovations. Investments" was available. 
The members of the Organizing Committee of the St. Petersburg Technical Fair conducted numerous negotiations with participants of the INTERAUTO exhibition, in the course whereof a lot of companies gave their prior consent to participate in the events of the Fair. Participation letters for the Avtoprom/ICTA Exhibition have already begun to come in.


Presentation of the St. Petersburg Technical Fair at the Forum "Russian Industrialist"
On September 22-25, the exhibit stand of the St. Petersburg Technical Fair will be open in the Lenexpo Fairgrounds, Pavilion 7, at the Forum "Russian Industrialist". At the stand, the detailed information on the events within the framework of the St. Petersburg Technical Fair, terms of participation and exposition sketch maps will be available for all comers. 
Everybody is welcome to visit the exhibit stand of the St. Petersburg Technical Fair.


The St. Petersburg Technical Fair Awarded with RUEF Sign
On June 9, 2008, the regular General Assembly of members of Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (RUEF), where it was decided to award the exhibition event "St. Petersburg Technical Fair" with RUEF Sign on the ground of expert judgments and the results of exhibition audit, took place in Sochi. The St. Petersburg Technical Fair was awarded with Certificate No. 309.


St. Petersburg Technical Fair extends its boundaries
The foreign part of the Exhibition display has been started to equip for the current St. Petersburg Technical Fair. For the first time the PTFair will feature a collective exposition of Turkish industrial enterprises. There are negotiations on making collective expositions for India, Germany, Finland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Indian exposition is planned to be more scaling than it was in 2008. According to previous negotiations the Indian Exposition scale may amount to 3 000 square meters.


Presentation of the St.Petersburg Technical Fair was held on the territory of its northern neighbor
The annual European Day of the Entrepreneur being participated by the business delegation from St.Petersburg and Severodvinsk was held on the 11th-12th of June, 2008 in Turku (Finland).

The participants of the delegation presented their companies and got acquainted with Finnish ones operating in the fields of shipbuilding, metalworking, subcontracting and automation. The St. Petersburg Technical Fair 2009 presentation, particularly the technical processes of metalworking and automation, was especially interesting for Finnish entrepreneurs. The representatives of Turku Science Park, the largest in Europe, were very interested in the HI-TECH Exhibition. The organising issues of hi-tech companies' collective expositions and issues of holding of the park functioning experience exchange round tables were widely discussed at the negotiations.


The presentation of the St.Petersburg Technical Fair was successfully held at one of the largest exhibitions of Siberia
The representatives of RESTEC™ Exhibition Company have participated in the 15th COAL OF RUSSIA AND MINING 2008 International Specialized Exhibition (Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo Oblast) from 3rd to 6th of June. The Exhibition gathered over 500 exhibitors and was visited by more then 20 000 specialists of coal, mining and engineering industries. The exposition of RESTECTM Exhibition Company covered information on such sections of the St. Petersburg Technical Fair as MACHINERY, METALWORKING, METALLURGY as well as the BLECH-Russia exhibition and the Hi-Technologies. Innovations. Investments. (Industry innovations) exhibition, which turned to be very interesting for visitors and participants of the exhibition.


The representatives of RESTECTM Exhibition Company have participated the 10th International METALWORKING 2008 Exhibition held from 26th to 31st of May in Expocenter, Moscow
RESTEC™ Exhibition Company's stand located in Hall 8 was especially interesting for participants as well as visitors of the Exhibition. The St.Petersburg Technical Fair project in general, its sections METALWORKING and MACHINERY, as well as presentations of for the BLECH-Russia Exhibition held in Russia for the first time and aimed at metal sheet working market development were very attractive. It is important to note that applications for participation in the Fair are already being submitted.


On March 10-13, 2009, the regular St. Petersburg Technical Fair, the largest event in the field of industrial technologies, innovations and automation in the North-West of Russia, will take place at the Lenexpo Fairgrounds, St. Petersburg